Punnam Village,

Karur – 639163

About Us

Our motto is “Fulfilling dreams, one at a time”

At TIPS we embrace a child-centered philosophy that promotes creative thinking and lifelong learning. We aim at fulfilling dreams one at a time our educators are dedicated in inspiring the children to achieve the highest standards in all their endeavors as they progress their educational journey with us. The support of our stakeholders, make every academic dream into reality.

The syllabus adheres strictly to the norms & by law of Central Board of Secondary Education. The School is located in a spacious building. TIPS concentrates its efforts on the physical, mental & moral growth of the children. Sports, Games, Music, Dance & many other co-curricular activities are common features of the school curriculum, which go a long way in shaping the future of the children.

We sow the seeds of knowledge right from the grass root level, nurture them and ensure that the seeds prosper into full grown tree of knowledge.